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 Why Paper Wings? 

  "The world always seems brighter when you've just made   

   something that wasn't there before" - Neil Gaiman   

One courageous mind at a time

Learning, building, sharing and learning again

WE believe in human kindness and that all people should have the opportunity to learn, take off to new heights and to make a difference.

WE believe people who develop  curious minds, positive attitudes, proactive ethos and grit, can shape the path of their future as they wish -  straight, curly, wavy, bumpy, flat - as long as every step moves them forwards. 

WE believe that each individual has the absolute right to explore, question and discover.

WE believe that we all have the obligation to share and report our findings as we become ambassadors for building the future. 


WE believe that new experiences, new knowledge, new understanding and  actions are the foundation that will give birth to your unique future. 

Now, you are probably wondering what is this all about?

​WE want to be part of your story and give you an initial opportunity, so you can become YOU. 

We want to be there to help you find your voice, your story, your thoughts. We want to help you find what makes you unique so you can thrive, have fun and enjoy whatever you set yourself to do - with curiosity and courage. 

WE want to ensure you leave this world more beautiful than you found it, because you created something different.  

We will be here to empower you and witness your impact on society.

Our Mission

At Paper Wings, we think that everyone in the world should have the chance to master meaningful 21st century competencies that can help them to help others to help us all

  WE believe in a virtuous circle of learning, building, sharing and learning again.  

What past winners say:



Porto 2019

Above expectations, the company spirit, every day is an exciting day, I wanted it to be longer. I have never expected to have my own project. Socially, I developed a lot, more communicative, even at home. Skill wise, I learned way more than one year in college.  People actually care about us.

I feel the greatest benefit of working at a start-up is that you are a real asset to the company. In big business, I feel it’s easy to get lost and end up with menial tasks, but at Didimo, I was given substantial projects which made me feel like I was making a real difference.


London 2019


Porto 2020

My summer internship at Didimo, not only was one of the best ways to learn new things and gain real-world work experience, but also helped me figuring out what was the field that I enjoyed the most (Computer Graphics), by actually working in a really innovating technology.

This summer internship at Didimo justified all the hard work I pass through in college, showed me you can have fun at work and let the hour fly by without noticing. It was a place where striving for perfection was seen as the way to go forward, while knowing you can't get there the end result of trying will be your greatest achievement.


Porto 2020



Porto 2021

Being able to have contact with the real job world at such a young age will allow me to grow faster at a professional level. This opportunity is just unique and I am sure that the PaperWings initiative will help me gain the necessary skills to lead me to a bright future.

The very first time I entered Infraspeak headquarters I was totally amazed by the focus and drive of everyone there. The internship will most certainly bring me up to big learning and a hard challenge, which will empower me and set me to become the best version of myself.

Porto 2021

Alexandre_Justo photo.jpg


Student Looking at Building

The Jury & Program Committee

The 2022 Jury will be announced in the next few weeks. 

The 2022 Program Committee includes:

Lydia Silva

Joana Resende
Ana Solange Leal
José Luís Santos
Marina Potok
João Pereira

Pedro Ribeiro Santos

Verónica Orvalho
António Torres Marques
Felipe Ávila da Costa
Pedro Brandão
Rosa Romero
Nuno Esteves

Pedro Pinto

Celina Silva

Norberto Amaral
Sara Candeias
Marta Sousa Monteiro
Filipe Castro
Bruna Fonseca

Isabel Martins Ribeiro

Hugo Choupina
Luis Carvalho
Sarah Plews
Anabela Ferreira
Edgar Fernandes
Rita P. Ribeiro

Ademar Aguiar

And many more generous people who wish to remain anonymous.

Education Empowers!

WE encourage positive change through education, mentorship and real world relationships.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


End poverty in all its forms everywhere

"Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality. More than 700 million people still live in extreme poverty. Goal 1 make sure that everyone has access to food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education so they can fully participate in society. Being poor often also means lack of access to such essential things as social security, new technologies properties, control over land and financial aid."


Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

"Access to education can help lift people out of poverty, bring a deeper understanding of the world around us and provide better opportunities for everyone. Goal 4 is all about ensuring everyone has access to learn no matter who they are or where they are. Goal 4 insists that all people be brought up to promote human rights, peace and non-violence so that we can coexist harmoniously."

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